Texans Facing a Higher Risk of Blackouts This Winter

How Propane Can Help

Published on November 30, 2023

Texans are facing a higher risk of blackouts this winter due to a number of factors, including an aging power grid, extreme weather events, and increased demand for electricity. In February 2021, Texas experienced a devastating winter storm that left millions of people without power for days. The storm caused widespread damage to the power grid and exposed its vulnerabilities.

In the aftermath of the storm, state officials have taken steps to improve the reliability of the power grid. However, experts warn that the grid remains vulnerable to blackouts, especially during periods of peak demand.

This winter, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), the state's grid operator, has canceled plans to add to its power supply. This decision has raised concerns about the grid's ability to meet demand during peak winter months.

There are a number of reasons why ERCOT canceled plans to add to its power supply. One reason is that the cost of adding new power plants has increased significantly in recent years. Another reason is that there is growing opposition to the construction of new power plants, due to concerns about air pollution and climate change.

As a result of these factors, ERCOT is relying more heavily on natural gas to generate electricity. However, natural gas supplies can be unpredictable and are subject to price spikes. This means that ERCOT may not always be able to secure enough natural gas to meet demand, especially during periods of high demand.

If blackouts do occur this winter, Texans will need to be prepared. One way to prepare is to have a backup source of heat and power. Propane is a versatile and reliable fuel that can be used for a variety of purposes, including heating, cooking, and generating electricity.

How Propane Can Help During a Blackout

Propane generators can provide backup power for your home during a blackout. Propane generators are relatively inexpensive to operate and can provide power for several hours or even days.

Propane can also be used to heat your home during a blackout. Propane space heaters are a safe and efficient way to heat your home. Propane space heaters are also portable, so you can easily move them from room to room.

In addition to heating and power, propane can also be used for cooking during a blackout. Propane grills are a great way to cook food outdoors when the power is out.

Benefits of Using Propane During a Blackout

There are many benefits to using propane during a blackout. Propane is a safe and reliable fuel that can provide you with heat, power, and cooking during an emergency. Propane is also relatively inexpensive to operate and can be easily stored.

How to Prepare for a Blackout with Propane

There are a few things you can do to prepare for a blackout with propane. First, make sure you have a full tank of propane. Second, make sure you have a propane generator and space heater that are in good working condition. Finally, make sure you have a plan for cooking food during a blackout.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that you have a safe and reliable backup source of heat and power during a blackout.

Additional Tips for Preparing for a Blackout

In addition to having a propane backup plan, there are a few other things you can do to prepare for a blackout. First, make sure you have a battery-powered flashlight and radio. Second, make sure you have a first-aid kit and plenty of food and water. Finally, make sure you have a plan for staying warm if the power goes out.

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