Propane Bottle Fill

Save Money with Refills Rather Than Exchanges

Save Money With Refills

Propane Cylinder Refill

Many Heart of Texas Propane location offer cylinder refills.

Fast & Convenient

Stop driving around looking for propane exchanges.

Heart of Texas Propane has locations all over Central Texas that offer propane cylinder refills. No more driving place to place looking for propane exchanges only to find they are out of refills. Plus you'll typically get more propane in your tank with a refill. Exchanges tend to fill a 20-lb tank with 15 lbs of fuel.

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Propane Cylinder Refill Inspection

We'll carefully inspect your propane cylinder tank before it's refilled.

Be Sure Your Tank Is In Good Condition

Look for Your Tank's Expiration Date

When bringing in your tank for a refill, we'll inspect it to insure the tank is not past the expiration date. We'll be happy to replace your tank with a new cylinder if a defect is found with your existing tank.

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Portable Outdoor Propane Heater Safety

Portable Outdoor Propane Heater Safety

This fact sheet covers the basics of patio heater safety best practices.

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Handling & Transporting Small Propane Cylinders

Learn the do's and don'ts of transporting propane cylinders

Propane helps you live comfortably wherever and however you want. This video shows how to transport and store portable, 20-lb. propane cylinders safely.

Prompt & Helpful

Ernie was prompt and did a good job. Kim and Rene were most helpful!

Robert Hill

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Locations Offering Propane Bottle Fill

Products and services may vary across our locations. Contact your local store below for details.