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Tank & Bottle Refills, Tank Restoration & More

Heart of Texas Propane Propane Services

Keep full program og

Keep Full Program

Say goodbye to the hassle of monitoring your propane levels. Experience effortless comfort with our Keep Full Program.

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Propane home delivery

Residential Delivery

From water and home heating, to cooking and clothes drying, propane can do that, better and more efficiently than other energy sources.

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Commercial propane delivery

Commercial Delivery

Propane for farms, factories, fleets, mowers and more. See how your business can enjoy the benefits of clean burning propane.

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Propane Tank Installation Aboveground

Tank Installation

If you’re building or remodeling a home, Heart of Texas Propane will work with your contractor and schedule a time for your tank to be installed. We'll cover how your tank works (and how to shut it off), what propane smells like in case of a leak, and other safety reminders.

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Underground propane tank

Underground Propane Tank

Underground Propane Tanks offer a number of benefits over above-ground tanks, including safety, durability, appearance, efficiency, and cost savings.

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Propane Tank Repair

Tank Restoration

Restoring your propane tank to look brand new, our team of experts know how to make your tank safe and shine again.

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Propane Cylinder Refill

Bottle Fill

Refill your propane tank cylinders at one of many locations throughout West Central Texas and the Texas Hill Country.

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