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Texas winter propane help 2024

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Texans Facing a Higher Risk of Blackouts This Winter: How Propane Can Help

How propane can help during a blackout as Texans are facing higher risks this winter due to a number of factors, including an aging power grid.

November 30, 2023

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Bryan rupp employee spotlight

Employee Spotlight

Bryan Rupp brings over 20 years of sales and operational experience to Heart of Texas Propane

Bryan believes that transparency, integrity, and constant communication are the pillars in choosing the right propane service provider.

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Propane Delivery, Installation & Refills Throughout Central Texas

Our Mission: At Heart of Texas Propane, we pledge to provide distinctive quality and unmatched customer service as we strive to gain the respect and trust of our employees, customers, suppliers, and partners.

Propane home delivery

Residential Delivery

From water and home heating, to cooking and clothes drying, propane can do that, better and more efficiently than other energy sources.

View Residential Propane Delivery

Commercial propane delivery

Commercial Delivery

Propane for farms, factories, fleets, mowers and more. See how your business can enjoy the benefits of clean burning propane.

View Commercial Propane Delivery

Propane Tank Installation Aboveground

Tank Installation

If you’re building or remodeling a home, Heart of Texas Propane will work with your contractor and schedule a time for your tank to be installed. We'll cover how your tank works (and how to shut it off), what propane smells like in case of a leak, and other safety reminders.

View Propane Tank Installation

Propane Tank Repair

Tank Restoration

Restoring your propane tank to look brand new, our team of experts know how to make your tank safe and shine again.

View Propane Tank Restoration

Propane Cylinder Refill

Bottle Fill

Refill your propane tank cylinders at one of many locations throughout West Central Texas and the Texas Hill Country.

View Propane Bottle Fill

Aerial storage tank

Water Storage Tanks & Booster Pump Installations

Water storage tanks and booster pumps can be placed on weaker well systems to regulate household water pressure.

View Water Storage Tanks & Booster Pump Installations

Water pressure gauge

Constant Pressure Systems

A constant pressure system is a device that controls the speed of your well pump allowing the pump to maintain a consistent water pressure.

View Constant Pressure Systems

Submersible solar pumps

Submersible and Solar Pumps

Submersible and solar pumps are two of the most popular types of pumps used in water well systems.

View Submersible and Solar Pumps

Underground pressure tank featured

Underground Pressure Tanks

An underground water pressure tank is a pressurized reservoir that stores water underground.

View Underground Pressure Tanks

Water trough windmill

Water Trough Installation

Ensure that your animals have access to water at all times. Here’s what you need to know about water trough installation with Heart of Texas Propane.

View Water Trough Installation

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Are you prepared for a potential blackout? 😳 Propane can help! Check out the latest blog on our website for more information. www.hotpropane.com/blog πŸ”₯

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Jump on in! πŸ’¦ The water's fine β€” if you have a pool heater, that is! Propane is a more affordable way to heat your swimming pool, so it can be enjoyed year 'round! πŸ”₯

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Welcome hunters! It's time for some fun in the great outdoors. Most importantly, make lasting memories!


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