Keep Full Program

Say Goodbye to the Hassle of Monitoring Your Propane Levels

Effortless Comfort

Gone are the days of worrying about running out of propane at the most inconvenient times or having to remember to schedule deliveries. With the Keep Full Program, customers can sit back, relax, and let technology do the work for them. Here's how it works:

Heart of Texas Propane's State of the Art Monitor

How Our Keep Full Program Works

Stay Warm Without the Hassle

Say goodbye to the hassle of monitoring your propane levels and scheduling deliveries. With the Keep Full Program, propane is automatically delivered to your doorstep when needed, ensuring you never run out.

The program features a state-of-the-art monitor that continuously tracks propane tank levels. This monitor is connected to Heart of Texas Propane's system, providing real-time data on propane consumption and tank capacity. Using advanced algorithms, the system calculates when it's time for a refill based on individual usage patterns and weather conditions.

Propane Tank Refill

Why Choose Our Keep Full Program?

Enjoy Peace of Mind and Convenience

Efficiency: By optimizing delivery schedules based on actual usage data, the Keep Full Program helps minimize unnecessary deliveries, reducing fuel waste and environmental impact. It's a win-win for both customers and the planet.

Convenience: Life is busy enough without having to worry about propane levels. The Keep Full Program streamlines the process, freeing up your time and energy for the things that matter most.

Customized Solutions: Every home and family has unique heating needs. Heart of Texas Propane works closely with customers to tailor the Keep Full Program to their specific requirements, ensuring optimal efficiency and satisfaction.

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Testimonial - Harper

Rene and Kris were consummate professionals...

We contracted Heart of Texas Propane to install tanks, piping and provide propane services. Rene and Kris were consummate professionals, addressing our concerns and questions, all the while providing their expertise...We are very pleased with the installation and will be happy to provide references at any time in the future.

Heart of Texas Propane Customer

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