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You can count on us to take care of your water well services. Be sure to check below on the locations offering water well services.

Water tank booster

Water Tank And Booster Pump Installations

Need water for irrigation or landscaping?

We can install tanks and boosters for a constant flow. Need plenty of pressure for your home and sprinkler system? Storage tanks and booster pumps can be placed on weaker pump systems to regulate household water pressure. If your well isn’t as productive as you need, we can improve your usage capabilities.

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Dab Esybox Constant Pressure System

Esybox Mini 3 has a different appearance than any other booster set and is small and completely integrated.

Constant Pressure Systems (CPS)

We can configure your system to regulate your water pressure.

Installing one of these systems will let it rely on the water in the pressure tank to make your system work. It levels out the pressure by turning on the pump when your water system is running and it matches the demand for the desired pressure.

CPSs can be used on down-hole pumps as well. If you need a more constant source of water that retains an even pressure, these are excellent options. Avoid drops in pressure in your entire system. Opens opportunities for irrigation systems and things like that. Won’t have a drop in pressure.

We also use the Dab EsyBox pressure systems...perfect for interior housing locations. Power without the footprint.

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Storage tank installation

Solar Pump Installations & Repairs

Remote locations? Outdated windmill?

Try our solar pumps. Install them and avoid those future windmill maintenance chores. We also can use A/C power supply if it’s available. If your pump goes down, give us a call.

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Water trough windmill

Storage Tank Installations

From 5 gallons to 50,000...we can do them all.

We use CM Precast, Aqualine, concrete and poly ~ whatever your need, we can meet it. Want to disguise it? We can do that too. Call us for details. (painting, wood covering, etc.)

Water trough installations: your ranch needs water...we can do it. concrete, fiberglass tanks, metal, rubber,

Underground pressure tanks: it’s a way to give you the pressure you need without the unsightly well house. It also helps protect from extreme weather conditions. Buried pressure tanks give you that boost you need without the bulk of above ground systems.

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Water Well Testing

Water Well Testing

Want to know the content of your water?

Have questions about water quality? We perform well integrity checks, GPM and water quality tests. . . Property sales well verification that test for bacteria, chloriform and iron detection among others. We pull samples and have it tested by state certified testing labs so you know what is in your water.

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Water Softener

Residential Water Treatments

Reverse Osmosis, Iron Breakers...Got hard water?

We can help diagnose and fix your issues. We offer a full line of water softeners and all relevant service and we can perform hardness tests on your water.

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Testimonial harper community

Help during once in a lifetime storm...

"Our sincere thanks and appreciation for delivering propane and providing aid to the Harper area after the "once in a lifetime" February storm. Our area was some of the worst hit. Many residents were without power and water for several weeks. Your support provided so much help and hope to all. It was wonderful to see and hear of so much help provided. Neighbors helping neighbors! May all of us remember to carry forward the good will."

Tami Pugh, Harper Chamber Secretary

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Locations Offering Water Services

Products and services may vary across our locations. Contact your local store below for details.