True Utility Knives

The Benefits of Minimalist Design

True Utility is a brand of knives that is known for its minimalist design.

True Utility knives are small, lightweight, and easy to carry. They are also made from high-quality materials and are built to last.

The Benefits to Using True Utility Knives

  • Portability: True Utility knives are small and lightweight, making them easy to carry with you wherever you go. This makes them ideal for everyday carry or for use on camping trips and other outdoor adventures.
  • Durability: True Utility knives are made from high-quality materials, such as stainless steel and titanium. This means that they are built to last and can withstand even the most demanding tasks.
  • Affordability: True Utility knives are very affordable, making them a great option for budget-minded buyers.
  • Versatile: True Utility knives come in a variety of designs, each with its own unique set of features. This means that you can find a True Utility knife that is perfect for your specific needs.

True Utility Knife Locations

True Utility Knives

Made of black oxidized 420 stainless steel and comes with multiple tools to attach.

True Utility SmartKnife+

The True Utility SmartKnife+ is a multi-tool wrapped around a super sharp 2.375” black oxidized pocket knife.

The multi-tool handle features a small, medium and large flat driver, magnetic ¼” bit driver and holder, file, wire strippers, rulers, wrenches, pry bar, pocket clip and bottle opener, making this the smartest knife you can put in your pocket.

True Utility Knife Locations

True Utility Pocket Knife

Comes with two fine edge blades and a saw blade for added functionality.

Pocket Knife with Replaceable Blades

The TRUE Replaceable Blade Knife allows you to stay focused on the task at hand without wasting time sharpening blades.

The secure, two-step blade release system gives great cutting control and provides simple blade replacement. Doing the job right requires having the right tools. The Replaceable Blade Knife comes with three blades: two fine edge blades and a saw blade for added functionality. The steel clip and blade storage case provide convenient carry.

True Utility Knife Locations

More On True Utility Knives

  • They are made in the UK, using high-quality materials and craftsmanship.
  • They are designed to be as lightweight and compact as possible, without sacrificing durability.
  • They come with a variety of features, such as serrated blades, locking mechanisms, and built-in tools.
  • They are backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can be confident that your knife will last for years to come.

If you are looking for a high-quality, versatile, and affordable knife, then a True Utility knife is a great option.

True Utility Knife Locations

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